Planning an Amazing Race party for kids or teens? Ideas are easy to find but can be hard to put together. This site is here to help you with this not-so-simple party plan.  The Amazing Race TV show is fast paced, well-timed and well edited, but unlike most of us, they have a team of people available to keep the race on track.  Your party won’t have time for editing, so you need to plan an event where the action never stops! 

Purchasing a Plan Online  The Amazing Chase party plans are the recipe and instructions for parties based on TV’s Amazing Race.  Each leg of the race is sold separately and none cost more than $12.  You can create a birthday party for kids with only one leg or an all-day multi-leg event for teens, "tweens", or family or church groups, etc.

Building a Party from Scratch  If you want to start from scratch, there is a lot of advice on the web, though some of it is useful and some of it not.  Two amazing race party articles here.  These articles will give you an idea about the kind of planning and preparation required and some practical advice on how to put it all together.   Article#1  Article#2 /  These sites are designed primarily as advertising gateways, so while the articles are intersting and there are lots of good ideas, most of them are written by people who simply describe their own experiences.  Browse through these articles to find ideas that would work for you.  They are conveniently organized by age category. 

Some Final Advice  The race on TV has mountains of editing done to make it appear fast paced.  For your party to flow with a limited support crew requires clever planning and preparation.  If you have read some of the articles linked here, you can see that when everything comes together in an amazing race party, it can be really awesome.  People don’t write about the parties that flop.  The Amazing Chase party plans are designed to keep kids engaged and excited with minimum down time, and they are designed to be run by just one or two adults.  Please have a look at to see if such packaged plans are right for you.

Looking for a Survivor Party Plan?  Click here!

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